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Giant Character Survery
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Information on the Sonia Road

Maison de Portes

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General information
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Variations from canon
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This is an RP journal, used for Lind/Gazelle from Air Gear. It is a specific RP journal, as things that arose in Portes caused Lind to be given her old body back. It is a partner journal to [personal profile] sky_thorns which is Lind's account. It is also partnered to [personal profile] sky_sharkling and [personal profile] sky_shark which are Akito and Agito's journals respectively. Most game-related information can be found on Akito's.

Please feel free to use this post to provide any crit you think I need, or just to contact me if you need to! Alternatively, you can use one of the following:

AIM: SkyDream16
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Much of the known information on the Sonia Road comes from what we see of Ringo using it, and a little of Rika. However given the circumstances, it's entirely likely and possible that Lind/Gazelle is capable of using the road in the exact same manner.

First a quick explanation on Roads - the idea behind them is that with the way a person rides, it leaves behind 'scars' on the area they train in. Eventually over time, these scars layer up and bind together, forming a 'road'. The eight main roads (of which the Sonia is one) function in the same manner in principle, but each one differs slightly in how it scars.

The main feature of the Sonia Road is the fact it's entirely opposite in nature to the Bloody Road - instead of focusing on causing massive damage, it causes massive internal pain to the user. It's not unusual for a Sonia Road rider, after the end of a fight, to be curled up on the ground in immense amounts of pain. Because the scarring that forms the road is internal damage, it's harder to tell a Sonia Road rider from the other main roads.

From what canon gives us, the most effective method of using this road is either when in an area that is naturally under intense pressure (such as a battlefield that is dropping at the same speed of natural gravity, as seen in the Tower), or when the user forces themselves to undergo decompression. Both situations result in the body beginning to naturally absorb nitrogen from the surroundings, which is the focus of the road. By taking in this nitrogen, it forms cushions of air on the joints. These air cushions do two things: they massively increase maneuverability by stopping the joints becoming locked up, and they hurt like hell.

The Thorn Regalia benefits from this by using the increased ability to move around, the twin whips able to move as if alive in their own right. The Regalia also somewhat reduces the strain on the body by compensating with its own power, but cannot remove it entirely - it also has its own feedback issues in that it can cause damage to the body in the form of muscle damage.

It also seems that the Sonia Road has its own abilities when faced with other roads. Ringo effortlessly destroys the wind from Ikki's Wing Road, and could theoretically do the same to other wind-based attacks, such as fangs from the Bloody Road. The Regalia amplifies this by the vibrations that run along the whips, allowing a kind of cutting motion that is compared to an electric razor, letting it cut through air and letting the whips move at supersonic speed (supposedly).

The Infinity Atmosphere (the most dangerous attacks, both to the user and the opponent) of the Thorn Regalia destroys all wind in front of it, slicing and tearing using wind of its own, only as smaller thorns. These rely on leg rotation, and can generally only be stopped by either completely immobilising the user, or the user running out of stamina due to exhaustion caused by the IA.


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